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So you’ve decided to become a startup CEO…

Congratulations! You’re at the head of company that’s possibly worth billions but probably doesn’t have a clue on how to make a single dollar. Never mind that small detail, now that you’re a startup CEO you can entitled to the … Continue reading

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Buying a better lottery ticket: An interview with Rob Walling

Startup marketing is tough….really tough. Marketing an app is particularly difficult since it’s a pretty new industry and yet there’s so much competition out there. A lot of the time it’s a lottery but I’m convinced that it’s not all … Continue reading

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The Things We Think And Do Not Say: A Startup Manifesto

So today is day zero. The startup I worked at for the last year failed and everyone was let go. Having worked in startups the last five years, I’ve had plenty of ideas but none which I felt were worth … Continue reading

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“Sometimes an acorn is just an acorn” and 3 other startup tips

I love startups. I enjoy seeing hot new businesses burst onto the scene with a surge in popularity, though I prefer the slow and steady businesses which are making money from day one and quietly creeping up on the incumbents. … Continue reading

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Apps are House Parties, Websites are Nightclubs

“As a freelance developer, I get asked by clients if I think they need a website or a mobile app quite often.” I’ve written a post over at which outlines the difference between apps and websites (with a party … Continue reading

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