So you’ve decided to become a startup CEO…

Congratulations! You’re at the head of company that’s possibly worth billions but probably doesn’t have a clue on how to make a single dollar. Never mind that small detail, now that you’re a startup CEO you can entitled to the following perks:

  • Have your mood determined by the growth/decline in your pre-launch mailing list
  • Convince yourself your startup will fail unless you spend 15 hours in the office everyday
  • Tell your friends at dinner how your startup is totally killing it, as you hungrily eye their leftovers
  • Write any (of all) of the following blog posts:
    • The golden rule I learnt after nearly one week in business
    • 10 things guaranteed to improve your personal performance
    • Why Ruby sucks and Node.js is the future
    • Why Node.js sucks and Ruby is the future
    • 8 things to get motivated (but don’t worry none of them involve working)
  • Get a heroin-like rush every time someone tweets about your product
  • Try to explain to your parents how not making money for 12 months “is the norm for startups”
  • Assure yourself that those who poke holes in your business plan “just don’t get it”
  • Submit blog post after blog post to HackerNews that sink to the bottom like a brick tied to a lead ballon (just like this one will)

I’d love to meet you on Twitter.

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