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“Sometimes an acorn is just an acorn” and 3 other startup tips

I love startups. I enjoy seeing hot new businesses burst onto the scene with a surge in popularity, though I prefer the slow and steady businesses which are making money from day one and quietly creeping up on the incumbents. … Continue reading

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Apps are House Parties, Websites are Nightclubs

“As a freelance developer, I get asked by clients if I think they need a website or a mobile app quite often.” I’ve written a post over at Medium.com which outlines the difference between apps and websites (with a party … Continue reading

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Why outsourcing abroad is bad idea

Outsourcing is the movement of a task or group of tasks to an external company as part of quality or cost reducing measures. The main reasons to outsource are: Your team doesn’t have the skills (or strong enough skills) in … Continue reading

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Get out of the way

An important point: software is a conduit. Software has not, nor ever will, grant us the ability to do new things. It merely facilitates actions which we have been doing since the beginning of time. iPod? Music was around before … Continue reading

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